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What is gap coverage?

Under normal circumstances all vehicles are covered by a carrier’s insurance, but there are exceptions. Anything that causes damage or loss while a vehicle is in transit that is not due to the carrier’s error or negligence is NOT covered. If the damage is minor and is less than the insurance deductible, a shipper will have to bear the cost. Shippers may also experience a delayed delivery and that may be costly, requiring him or her to rent a vehicle. GAP COVERAGE addresses all those areas. It pays the deductible, covers minor damage and also allows for car rental compensation.


Why do I need gap coverage?

You can never be sure that your vehicle will be shipped without damage. There is a calculated risk that the carrier or it’s insurance may fail to pay for a claim. Should a vehicle carrier’s insurance fail to pay or should a carrier have difficulty settling an insurance claim, you will not be able to get your vehicle repaired. You will then have to use your own insurance but will have to pay a deductible. The AFta Plan is the ONLY and ultimate comprehensive car shipping protection plan in the US for shipping your vehicle. Gap coverage will compensate for any out of pocket costs should damage occur where a carriers insurance fails to pay. It offers total assurance and peace of mind. No car shipment should be without it.


How much does it cost?

Consider the total cost of your shipment and the value of your vehicle.To pay a minimal amount for gap coverage is well worth it compared to the risk of loss.If you buy your AFta subscription direct from our website, the cost is $125 per vehicle. If your Shipping provider is a registered agent for the AFta Plan, the cost is $95 per vehicle.When purchasing your plan subscription, you will have the option to confirm if your broker or carrier is an agent.If your provider is not a registered agent we suggest you ask them to do so. Otherwise you can still apply directly for your AFta plan subscription.

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