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We strive to transport vehicles in a professional manner without damage or delay. Please assist us by following these instructions:

Winterize - Vehicle is appropriately prepared for transport, contains sufficient lubricants and anti-freeze to protest against all conditions and temperatures which may be encountered in route.
Fuel – Please drop your vehicle off with 1/4 tank of fuel or less.
Vehicle Registration - The vehicle registration should remain in the vehicle and be available at time of shipment.
Prohibited Items - The following items may not be shipped within vehicles: Ammunition, commodities requiring temperature protection, drugs (prescription and illegal), firearms, hazardous materials (e.g. compressed gas, corrosive, poison, oxidizers, explosives, flammable gas or liquid, combustible liquid), hazardous waste, liquids, live animals, perishable commodities, property of extraordinary value (e.g. money, bonds, etc.). If such is found in the vehicle at any time during transport, it will probably be removed. It is the responsibility of the shipper to make separate arrangements for shipping such items.


Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipment

Your vehicle must be in normal operating condition. All vehicles will be inspected upon delivery to the port. Vehicles found not in normal operating condition will be rejected. Alternate methods of shipment may be offered. Alarm systems in your vehicle must be disconnected prior to shipping. All vehicles must have at least five inches of ground clearance to be considered a vehicle. Vehicles with less than five (5) inches ground clearance may be subject to different rates. We highly recommend removing all personal effects from the vehicle prior to shipping. If you choose to leave personal effects in your vehicle, they will be shipped at the owner's risk. Any personal effects should be packaged and properly secured. Nothing is allowed in the front seat or directly behind the driver's seat. You may load personal effects in the trunk or the back seat, but no higher than the bottom of the windows. If you have a truck, nothing may extend beyond the bed of the truck. If you ship personal effects in your vehicle, you will be REQUIRED to sign a waiver at the time of check in.
No hazardous materials, fire extinguishers, firearms, or ammunition of any type may be stored in the vehicle.
Free of any insect infestation, dirt, mud and seeds - An inspection will be made of the entire vehicle both interior and exterior to ensure it is free of any dirt, mud seeds or other unauthorized material. Soil, sand contaminated with visible amounts of soil, and animal manure in any amount will NOT be allowed

No plant and propagative plant parts. Your vehicle will not be allowed to transport plants and propagative plant parts (e.g. roots, root stock, seeds) unless inspected by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) Plant Quarantine Office and will ONLY be allowed to travel on the barge accompanied by a signed HDOA certificate of inspection. No other plants will be allowed. Customers shall also comply with any and all current or future rules set by the HDOA. U.S. Department of Agriculture, FDA or other government agency for plant, or crop movement restrictions are applicable.

Contract - Vehicles are shipped subject to carrier's tariffs in effect on the date of the receipt of the vehicle described in the Bill of Lading. The Bill of Lading, the Contract Terms and Conditions on the back of the Bill of Lading, and the tariff constitutes the agreement between the shipper and the carrier.


All Alaska quotes are valid for 10 business days.

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