Frequently Asked Questions​


How long will it take my vehicle to be shipped?

On average, and depending on the route, it will take three to fourteen days for your auto to reach its destination. Factors such as distance between pick up and delivery locations, weather and traffic amongst others could all affect the total length of time of transport.


Do you charge a deposit upfront?

Absolutely NOT. Unlike most other companies, we feel like we should do our jobs before we get paid. Don't you? We thought so. Although you will be required to provide a credit card at the time of booking, nothing will be charged  until your vehicle is on the truck we have assigned and on it's way to destination.


Will my vehicle be insured during transport?

Yes. Legally all auto transport companies must carry insurance. The industry average is $750,000 and the carrier is 100% responsible for you vehicle during transport. His insurance will respond in the rare and highly unlikely case damages were inflicted to your vehicle while on the carrier's care. We will provide the carrier's operating authority and insurance certificate for you to review and file.


Can I store anything in the car?

Technically, no. It is illegal to store items anywhere in the car as auto carriers are not licensed nor insured to carry household goods. However, most carriers will allow up to 100 lbs. of personal items (such as clothes, etc.) in the trunk or below window level. Keep in mind that any personal items stored within the car or vehicle will not covered by the carrier's insurance and are your sole responsibility. If you are planning to pack stuff in your vehicle, please let us know well in advance.


Will I have my vehicle delivered to a terminal?

No, we do not engage in truck-switching or terminal use as it increases the chances of delays and damages. However, in the event that you decide or need to use these services due to timing or scheduling issues, we can make the necessary arrangements for both terminal and storage services.


Is your quote all-inclusive?

Yes. On top of our 5 star service our rates include all fees, tolls, taxes, gas and accommodation expenses. No extra charges. No hidden fees. EverAll quotes are valid for 10 business days.


Are you licensed and bonded?

Absolutely! The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration must issue all auto brokers and carriers an MC and/or US DOT number in order to have proper operating authority. Brokers must be bonded and carriers must be insured as mandated by federal law. Licensing, insurance and bonding information can be checked online, and we strongly recommend you to do so before choosing an auto transporter. King of the Road Transport is a fully licensed and bonded company located in Margate, Florida and only hires fully licensed and insured carriers. Feel free to do as much research on us as you feel necessary, we know you will find out just how trustworthy of a company we are.

MC Number: MC-744845 | USDOT Number: 2248724 | Surety Bond: Great American Insurance Co.


What if my vehicle is inoperable, can King of the Road still ship it?

​We can ship anything on wheels, anytime, anywhere, running or not. While there are some safety related restrictions, King of the Road can coordinate shipment for most inoperable vehicles. No matter where you need to go, we will be there for you when you need us.


How do I pay for my transport?

There are two parts to your rate: the Deposit (our fee) and the carrier's fee (commonly called COD).

You will provide a credit card for the deposit to be charged on once your vehicle is picked up. The COD balance is due upon delivery and only cash, cashiers checks or money orders are accepted unless other arrangements have been made with us prior to your transport!


Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. A wide variety of discounts and savings are available for our customers, including:

*Military Discounts
*Multiple Car Discounts
*Student Discounts
*Referral/Returning Customer Discounts
*Round Trip Discounts
*Dealership Disconuts
*Senior Citizen Discounts

Please ask your shipping coordinator about these and other great savings.

NEED ASSISTANCE?  Call our 5-Star Customer Service Team at (800) 955-0644

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