Customer Testimonials

  From: Mark
Reviewed: King of the Road Transport, Inc
Subject: Great Experience with King of the Road Transport​
"I was dreading shipping my car for the second time this year. I shipped my car from NC to WA in January and it was the worst customer experience I had had as a consumer. Once we had paid the broker, we had trouble communicating with them. The pick-up was several days late. The drop off missed by more than a week from original agreement. The delivery company was very evasive when it came to committing on a delivery date/time. I was furious. Luckily the car arrived much dirtier, but no damage. When moving the car back to NC, I seriously considered driving it back. I asked the moving company that I was working with, North Coast Moving and Storage (Seattle), if they have had any good luck with auto transport companies. They recommended King of the Road Transport, Inc. So, I contacted them and spoke with Mary Rhiannon English. She was very friendly and understood my previous experience all too well. So, based on her demeanor and professionalism, I chose to chance another move. Wow, what a difference. Everything was handled as agreed in the contract. The car was picked up within 15 minutes of the agreed time with the transportation company. The car was also delivered on the other end without issue. So, if you are looking for a company that you can trust, contact King of the Road Transport. I ensure that I do not easily recommend businesses unless they are exceptional."​


From:   Mike
  Reviewed:   King of the Road Transport, Inc
   Subject :    my pro street 67 camaro
"I had found 2 companies before getting in touch with Mary at KOTR, and to say I had been misled, lied to and treated poorly is a gross understatement. One guy baited me saying "you are in luck, we have a truck in the area that just had a car cancel and will take yours at a discounted price". It turned out he just put me on the board and kept telling me "the truck will be there in a few days". Needless to say I was sooooo upset with this guy that had taken a deposit from me... How hard is it to just be honest?? so when I spoke with Mary I expressed how mad and concerned I was and she assured me she would take care of me .... and I can say 100% I am happy and would use them again and refer her to anyone. Thats how people should do business."​

  From:   Chad
  Reviewed :   King of the Road Transport, Inc
 Subject:  CO to SC
"King of the Road did a great job getting me a truck to transport my car. They called me back within a couple hours and had a truck that showed up the same day and picked up my vehicle. Within a couple days the carrier had traveled from Colorado Springs, CO to Columbia, SC and I had my car. It is quick, efficient, and even gave me a military discount.
Thanks King!"


 From :  Matt
Reviewed: King of the Road Transport, Inc
Subject: Transport of vehicles
"Great company, great experience! Mary was fantastic! She delivered exactly what she promised...on time and for a very, fair rate. I spoke with two dozen companies and she was easily the most sincere and professional. The driver was on time and both of my vehicles were delivered in perfect condition.
Thank you, Mary!"

From: Jordan
Reviewed: King of the Road Transport, Inc
Subject: Finally
"I was jerked around by another company that gave me a really low price but never sent me a truck. if you have never shipped a car before you do not know what to expect. Jay contacted me with a slightly higher price, but he explained his deposit was only going to be $150, while I had already paid the other company $200 for doing nothing. He assured me he would find me a truck before he even ask for a credit card. Sure enough, he found me a truck within 2 days and my experience couldn't have been better (he even agreed to charge me AFTER pickup). Thanks again and I will use you in the future."

From: Herm
Reviewed: King of the Road Transport, Inc
Subject: happy with my new baby
"I bought a 1972 Plymouth Barracuda on ebay and requested a quote for shipment online. I've got about 25 different emails but only 3 companies called and I decided to go with the smaller company (think about it, every big company started as a small business). They seemed to know what they were talking about and offered to confirm a truck for me BEFORE they charge me anything, no strings attached. I was very pleased with the service I received from KOTR and I will be happy to recommend them to anyone."

From:  Jim
Reviewed: King of the Road Transport, Inc
Subject: Mary saved us from a disaster
"My wife and I were moving our Yukon from California to Utah so we went to the internet to find a trucking company. We were about to pick Mary's King of the Road Transport Services when we were bait and hooked by Nationwide something or other saying he could have someone pick up the car that day and have it to us in a day. That never did happen. Our gut told us that we should have gone with Mary, but felt we were in and decided to let it ride. The morning the driver was supposed to pick up the car, we waited and waited and waited. When we finally got a hold of the driver, he said he was on his way over there to get it. It was after 5:00 in the evening. This is where it gets really bizarre. The dealership where we had purchased the vehicle asked the driver for his ID so the driver showed an ID not a drivers license. They explained that they needed a drivers license so he went out to the truck to get his license. He returned with a photo copy of a license. When he was told that the real license card was needed, the driver went crazy mad. After a lot of phone calls to us and we to the broker and the broker to the driver, we finally got the play by play from the dealership as the driver drove away without our vehicle. That was fine with us. The guy didn't have a license and he is delivering vehicles for a living. Up to this point it had been extremely difficult to work with the broker from this Nationwide company because he would never communicate with us and I wasn't very impressed with how he treated my wife on the phone. Once the craziness ended the broker called us in a different tone of voice and said, "I need to give your deposit back." Music to our ears. In the end we laughed about the whole situation. We immediately called Mary and explained everything that just happened and we couldn't have had a more opposite experience. Mary did a professional job of taking care of us. She made sure that we were well taken care of and informed through the whole process. She walked us through the whole way till we received our vehicle. We are so grateful to Mary for helping out and going the extra mile and treating us like her most important customers. I would venture to guess that she treats all of her customers that way. Mary will take care of you."

 From:  Lewis
R eviewed : King of  the Road Transport, Inc
Subject: Transport of Truck
"Just want everyone to know that King of the Road was wonderful in transporting my '79 Ford Pickup truck from AZ to OR. Both Jay and Mary were more than competent and willing to meet my requirements and the job went off perfectly. I met the transporter at the correct time he said it would be delivered and he was a most cordial and considerate man. I am telling anyone who will listen what a great experience I had dealing with The King of the Road. Thank you, I AM VERY PLEASED CUSTOMER"

From: Whitney 
Reviewed: King of the Road Transport, Inc
Subject: Extremely Satisfied!
"This was the first time I've ever shipped my car. I was very nervous sending my "baby" cross country from MO to AK but with the help of King of the Road (who is EXCELLENT) My move was really easy. They know exactly what they are doing. When first researching different companies I was bombarded with emailed quotes regarding my initial request. Mary was one of 3 that took the time to CALL me as well as send me a quote via email! King of the Road truly catered to my needs as I told Mary my concerns and the total fact that I'm a worry-wart. Mary called at least 4-5 times before the travel date with details of my transport and how to prep my car. She also let me know that I was going to be saving $100 off my total transport cost, how I do not know - she's just that good. Thank you SO much Mary you absolutely made my move delightful!" ​

From: Danny​
Reviewed: King of the Road Transport, Inc
Subject: Job Well Done​
"Having a vehicle transported through King of the Road is without a doubt 2nd to none and the only way to travel. Their service is totally up-front and honest. They know how to price out the job so the vehicle gets moved. The follow up communication is outstanding. You'll always know what's really going on. They do what they say. One has to watch out what their getting talked into in this business, but with King of the Road there is no BS and no worries. Save yourself the trouble the job will be done right for a fair price for every one. This is a fairly short review because I have nothing bad to say about this company in a business riddled with bad stories."​


"The testimonials are from customers speaking only in a personal capacity and are not compensated for the opinions given."

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