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Vehicle Shipping

Pre-Booking your shipment is required prior to delivery of your vehicle to the port. Vehicles are shipped on a space-available basis.

Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1800-955-0644 to request a Booking Number or to obtain a Rate Quote.

To avoid delays in shipping your vehicle please review the following instructions, and have all necessary forms completed prior to delivering your vehicle.


Forms and Documents

Forms must be filled out completely. Please be prepared to provide the following:


· Vehicle Declaration Form -Required– Form must be filled out completely for all vehicles being shipped.

· Letter of Authorization (LOA) Form - Required – If you would like King of the Road to prepare and submit the Electronic Export Information (EEI -- formerly SED) on your behalf, the Letter of Authorization Form must be completed.

· Vehicle Export Power of Attorney - Shipments to USVI Excluded. Required for all others. - If you would like King of the Road to clear Customs on your behalf, an original notarized copy of this form must be completed and signed by the vehicle owner(s). A clearance fee will be applied for this service. Otherwise, the owner of the vehicle is responsible for clearing U.S.Customs or giving another party (besides Tropical) an original notarized Power of Attorney. (Note: Vehicles belonging to the U.S. Embassy are exempt.)

· A Hold Harmless Waiver must be signed if your vehicle is classified as a “non-operable” vehicle. (Please refer to definitions under the ‘Prepare your Vehicle’ section below)

· Driver’s License or Passport - -Shipments to USVI Excluded. Required for all others.– A valid copy of the vehicle owner’s driver’s license or passport

· Original Title or Original MSO (Manufacturer Statement of Origin) -Shipments to the USVI require a copy of the Title or MSO, NOT the original. Original Title is required for all others.– plus 2 copies (front & back) If purchased, the Purchaser’s name must appear on the Title/MSO.

· Motor Vehicle Reassignment Form- An original copy of this form must be completed and signed if the back of the vehicle title is full of the names of previous owners

· If a Lien Holder is recorded on the Title, then a notarized letter from the Lien Holder on their company letterhead is required, authorizing export, and certified copies of the title must be certified and notarized in the state where the vehicle is titled. Copies must be certified and notarized on both the front & back of the document. Three (3) sets are required.

· If the vehicle belongs to a Company, the person signing the Vehicle Export Power of Attorney must also provide a letter on company letterhead, stating that they are an officer of the company and are authorized to sign the Power of Attorney

· Bill of Sale- Required if the vehicle is a new purchase

· Name, mailing address and phone number of the shipper and consignee. The consignee is the person to whom the vehicle is being shipped. Sometimes, the shipper and consignee is the same person.

· General information about your vehicle - year, make, model, license plate number, VIN number and current value.

· Port of discharge - know which port your car is being shipped to

· A set of keys for the ignition, trunk door, gas tank, and any other locking compartment. U.S. Customs inspects all compartments of your vehicle and will place a Customs Hold on any vehicle without a key to a locked compartment. We will provide a special key fob and your keys will accompany your vehicle to its final port of discharge.

· Requirement for the USVI - For vehicles (8) eight model years and older, ocean freight charges must be paid in advance; prior to the vehicle being exported.

Prepare Your Vehicle

· Federal regulations (CFR 176.905[d]), require that there is less than ¼ tank of fuel.

· Propane tanks must be empty

· Remove all loose items and personal effects from the vehicle, including the trunk.

· Any part/item that would normally be permanently installed in/on the vehicle, but is loose or not bolted in, should be removed.

· Anti-theft Alarm Systems - If you leave the car alarm system in your vehicle, make sure that the system is disengaged prior to shipment.

Important: Vehicles must be in a safe, drivable condition, capable of normal operation on public streets or highways when tendered for shipment.

Not Allowed

·         Cracked or damaged windshields or windows.

·         Flat, missing or damaged tires

·         Leaking fluids

·         Deployed airbags

·         Unable to stay running under its own power source

·         Out of fuel/gas

King of the Road reserves the right to cancel the contract upon rejected receipt of cargo if the cargo does not meet the requirements for safe transportation & handling by our vessel operations.



All Virgin Island quotes are valid for 10 business days.

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